Thursday, August 27, 2015

HCH 13 and 20 Aug 2015

Hello everybody~ Sorry i was a little caught up with work and also online gaming thus I've neglected this space for 2 weeks.

Not sure if any of you guys were checking this space out for your videos, if you were I am very sorry for the delay.

The process of getting the video out from your phone and editing it ain't exactly that difficult since we are using only 1 cam with 1 view. And youtube is really making it way way easier. The court ain't very well lit and Youtube can just brighten up the whole video with 1 click. And you can even add funny filters. You will noticed one of the videos with a funny retro edit and that credit goes to Youtube.

Funny Story: The game we game here is a race to 7, meaning to say the 1st team who reaches 7 point 1st wins but we always have this problem of people not counting the score after awhile and we go "huh, eh how much ah?" All grown man can ball but can't count,so if you are a hot, pretty, nice, sexy, young lady who can count your balls very well. Please do join us. :D

There's always space for you in between my legs at the courtside.
ANYWAY, The game will still be on tonight (27th Aug) but sorry, Mr.Smith is going for party and lancing lancing so there will be no recording.

And on another news, Metta World Peace going back to Lakers? SERIOUSLY?

Anyway here are the videos for both 13th and 20th.  

Our Balls - By Spalding, True to the game.

Monday, August 3, 2015

HCH 30 Jul 2015

It has been 3 weeks since I last played due to ankle injury on my birthday. duh. Which also means no updates on this blog or any videos from anyone because I am the only person who likes to do this silly thing. heh.

And when I went back to the court there was a "welcome back" surprise for me. We had performers at the court. Not even half time show, they were there like through out the session. They are the Taichi uncles and aunties! SOMEBODY TOOK OUR COURT?

Of course I didn't go and say that and we shared the court because I was very worried that they taichi my ass I believe in community spirit and we can all share as long as nobody gets hurt. So that's the reason why you will hear funny taichi music at the background of my videos as well as a change of angle.

I will taichi your ass boy. 
And also coming back from injury means a bit humji and scare, didn't played well for the 1st few games and the game that I scored more wasn't recorded. HAHAHA. Because fat fingers are fat.

And my yellow n*ggar bros Melvin and Gerald managed to drive through almost Singapore's every Expressway to join us. And their quote of the day

"Eh, you mark this one? Or that one?"
"Same, they are all so huge."

Hahaha. We need some backcourt players seriously.  And here we go, the videos.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Half Court Heroes 2 July Part 1 - 8

Amazing game day I have to say. We had so many players and even people watching us. I have no idea what happened but people just started coming regularly and invited more friends. That was awesome for the love of the game.

Not so good for me. I was a little distracted the whole week for some reasons and started game one and already rolled my ankle. but I continued playing anyway. Was always half a step slower. Meh.

Watch the videos. 8 games. One of the games, as usual human error and didn't record the full game...

And it was also my birthday-eve so my wife, Jac and Jeremy came and visit with surprise cake pop. It was kinda fun.

Really happy that we are able to make the court and the game more popular on Thursday nights but that also means more people and less game time. (Not complaining)

Instead of just Thursdays, we are also planning to be playing on Tuesdays.

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram at #HalfCourtHeroes because everyone can contribute and i do not need to manage another account.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Official Sponsor - World Of Sports and Spalding

I was out eating Hai Di Lao and some of the guys weren't free as well thus we skipped another game day. So much so of basketball never stops. HAHA...

Anyway, we got a good announcement to make.

We are now proudly sponsored by Spalding, which is under World of Sports in Singapore!

Balls to us!

And congratulations to the NBA 2015 Draft Class. Surprisingly Lakers went with Russell.

Image from @NBA Instagram

Friday, June 19, 2015

Half Court Heroes 18 June Part 1 - 7

So I missed last week's game so there was no recording and I was late today and I think there was some human error and the recording was kinda incomplete.  And also somewhere in between you will see one handsome guy who started the recording for me but same time trying very hard to get featured and block the game. Very Handsome and strong.

Here's Video 1 - 7 (And also sorry the videos are not in chronological order)

Today's attendance was amazing. We have more friends' friend that joined us. I think we have to give where credit is due and that is social media. I guess creating this blog and people sharing it did gathered more interest as well as sense of belonging. Not sure to be honest, but I don't care, I am giving the credit there.

Pros and Cons of course. We have more players to learn from each other, we have more teams to rotate which means not as tiring but of course, that also means less playing time. Like in NBA, everyone has to earn their mins.

There was a little skirmish on the court as well today. Not too sure if the video was able to show it clearly.

I guess the take away for today is that basketball is a team game. I might not be the best player on court but you can count on me to tell you a story or two about teamwork, leadership etc. I am not trying to teach you how to live your life, but I am one of those guys that believe in team work, believe that basketball or any other organization, it is always about making everyone look good.

I am never shy about sharing because I believe that nurturing the youth is what a senior has to do in life.

Because there is no "Me" in Success but the sad truth is there's no "Us" or "Team" or "We" either. Bullshit quote is bullshit.

I might be a good story teller but I am no GOAT so maybe I will let him do the talking.

The mamba instinct of winning, the need to win, the aggression might be good but at end of the day we always have to be happy Or at least try.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Golden State Warriors - 2015 NBA Champions!

On behalf of management of Half Court Heroes, we would like to congratulate the Golden State Warriors in winning the NBA Champions this year.

And Andre Iguodala for winning the MVP! And thank you, thank you for beating LeBron James. Yes, the hate level is too damn high here. How high?

I mean to be fair I have to agree that LeBron is a very very very talented, gifted and great individual player on the court. But off the court he is like a drunken douche bag and his career moves just doesn't deserves the respect like MJ or Kobe. The shit he says... Seriously... Best Player In The World? puffff.

Anyway, questions in our mind would be, will GSW be able to keep this team together? Will they be able to build a dynasty together?

Whatever the case is, all the best GSW and Congratz! You guys deserved it.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pick and Roll Training

So we were feeling free on a Saturday morning so we gathered to do some practice instead of games. Can't say we did a good job but I think we made some progress on the whole concept of pick and roll.

Not the best tutorial video but I think it is very realisitc in its own way instead of the very polished videos that people produced after practicing for very long. This was the 1st time we were doing it and as you can see we did not follow through entirely on every play and we got a bit confused on and off as well.

Nevertheless hope you guys enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts and point out how we can do better.